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Hello! Welcome to our Vampire Knight group! We have officially retired as a roleplay group, however you may continue to join the group to submit and appreciate artwork!


Rules for Submitting Art & Fanfictions!
Before submitting any work to the group, please read the rules first!

Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat ALL work submitted must be your own!
Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat Manga scans and colorations will not be accepted into this particular group.
Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat Screen shots from the anime are also not accepted.
Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat Lineart and Sketches will be accepted! =)
Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat Dress up doll screenshots and things of a similar nature will NOT be accepted as they are not drawn by you!
Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat Pictures using bases will be accepted as long as it isn't basically just a blank base =P.
Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat All pictures submitted must contain an official character from the Vampire Knight series.
Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat Any standard or quality will be accepted in this group, so don't worry if you haven't been drawing for very long =), all standards of artwork will be accepted =).

Folder breakdown-…


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Gallery Folders

Yuuki Cross
Yuuki Cross by Tennosei-No-Hime
Young Yuuki Cross/Kuran (DSi Art) by KanonLovezCello
Yuki Cross(Day Class) by ClaireRoses
Relaxing at Sunset 2 by Arisa102
Yuuki Kuran
Kuran Yuuki by Astranya
Vampire Knight Madness by InkArtWriter
Queen Yuuki Kuran by Le-Vampire-Cat
Darkness Falls by SapphireBae
Zero Kiryu
Zero Kiryu - Vampire Knight - Sketch by Morimei
Kiryuu Zero - Chibi by HiroYuki--Sensei
Baby Zero Pegasus Pony by CharizardAngel86
Zero Pegasus Pony by CharizardAngel86
Kaname Kuran
Vampire Knight: Kuran Kaname by Sh0tisha
Kaname Kuran. by 0Andromeda0
Cosy Kaname by Shiroichi-chan
False Wings by shizukani-kun
Sayori Wakaba
Sayori Wakaba by AmyroseHaruka
...+ Sunny Day +... by ChelseaCherryblossom
Day class girl by justtobeyou
Sayori Wakaba finished by KurumiAiren
Hanabusa Aido
The cold never bothered me anyways by KiraJansSheinux
Hanabusa Unicorn Pony by CharizardAngel86
Vampire Knight Aidou commission by Nobu-Hazel
Child Hanabusa by KiraJansSheinux
Akatsuki Kain
Akatsuki Kain by Shiroichi-chan
Akatsuki Kain Unicorn Pony/Baby Zero by CharizardAngel86
Akatsuki Kain ~ by Valhala90
Kain Akatsuki by TheBlastvampire
Takuma Ichijo
Child Takuma by KiraJansSheinux
vampire knight-Takuma Ichijo by gothicstella
Nerd Ichijou Scribble by KiraJansSheinux
Takuma Ichijo (pencil drawing) by HuskeyNinja
Senri Shiki
Senri Shiki Pegasus Pony by CharizardAngel86
Senri Shiki by electricbunni
Child Senri by KiraJansSheinux
Senri Shiki by stickopotamu
Ruka Souen
Ruka Souen by Shiroichi-chan
Ruka by Breaking-Dawn998
Vampire Knight - Ruka Souen by BlueDragonFighter
Souen Ruka sketch by IceriaWind
Rima Toya
Rima-vk by yuukihanabusa
Rima Touya by 4Akikawaiiotaku
Chibi Rima Toya by Bakugan5Ds
Chibi Rima Toya Color by Bakugan5Ds
Sieren from vampire knight by HuskeyNinja
Character meme Seiren by Le-Vampire-Cat
Seiren by Le-Vampire-Cat
Maria Kurenai
Maria Kurenai by Shiloh-Serenity
Maria kurenai - serenade by snowangel1994
Maria Kurenai Sketch by OtakuRangerRed
Doodle Vampire Knight 3 by OEmyO
Headmaster Chairman Kaien Cross
The headmaster by evarose271
Cross Kaien by kuroshishiro
Tainted life by YueLights
Cross Kaien by summer-fish
Shizuka Hio
Shizuka Hio - Vampire Knight b/w by DashaChii
Shizuka Hio - Vampire Knight by DashaChii
Vampire Knight: Shizuka Hio, the Kuruizaki-Hime by LittleKittyLionheart
Shizuka Hio: Flowers of Vengeance by TravelingGiraffe
Rido Kuran
Rido by twinwriters
Rido NBG by Le-Vampire-Cat
Rido Kuran by Zapekanka
Insanity by NecoNecoNeco
Haruka Kuran
haruka kuran by elle099-hime
Haruka Kuran by Manzanita33
Character meme Haruka Kuran by Le-Vampire-Cat
Haruka Kuran by Le-Vampire-Cat
Juri Kuran
Juuri's process by Nexeri
Kuran Juuri by Nexeri
Juuri Kuran by Loveyraspberry
One day in december by Loveyraspberry
Ichiru Kiryu
ichiru kiryuu by ArtBich
Ichiru the Cheshire Cat by DeathScarletDevil
Ichiru- Vampire Knight by Lanfear96
Under the Shadows of the Sakura Tree (Edited) by JeromeSankara
Sara Shirabuki
Shirabuki Sara by essie23
Sara Shirabuki by TravelingGiraffe
Vampiric Invitation by AegiMinTeu
Sara Shirabuki by essie23
Kaito Takamiya
Animated Kaito Icon for Ari by Qiirin
{ kaitos } by kiryuus
{ kaito } by kiryuus
{ smile } by kiryuus
Toga Yagari
Yagari sensei by Valhala90
Yagari Toga by Valhala90
* Day 8* chibi Yagari sensei*16 days to Christmas* by Etsuko-Hime
Yagari Toga by SapphireBae
Asato Ichijo Ichio
Asato Ichijo by irmawong
Asato Ichijo-linart by NecoNecoNeco
Asato Ichijo by NecoNecoNeco
Nagamichi Aido
Lord Nagamichi Aido by Le-Vampire-Cat
Character Meme Nagamichi Aido by Le-Vampire-Cat
Tsukiko Aido
Character Meme Tsukiko Aido by Le-Vampire-Cat
Tsukiko Aido by Le-Vampire-Cat
Vampire Hunter Association President
* Day 4* chibi VH president lady *20 days to Chr* by Etsuko-Hime
Character Meme HunterPresident by Le-Vampire-Cat
Vampire Hunter Ex President by Le-Vampire-Cat
Hooded Woman
Character Meme Hooded Woman by Le-Vampire-Cat
The Hooded Woman by Le-Vampire-Cat
Character Meme Jinmu by Le-Vampire-Cat
Jinmu by Le-Vampire-Cat
Nadeshiko Shindo
Character meme Nadeshiko by Le-Vampire-Cat
Nadeshiko Shindo by Le-Vampire-Cat
Kasumi Kageyama
Kasumi Kayeyama by Le-Vampire-Cat
Character meme Kasumi by Le-Vampire-Cat
Day Class
Vampire Knight (part 1 ) by AlexaHeartfilia
Vampire Knight (part 2) by AlexaHeartfilia
Yuki and Zero by YunaAnnie
Yuuki And Zero. by PeaceByPiece95
Fuuka Kisaragi
Fuuka Kisaragi by ienzo628
Night Class
Vampire Knight characters  by Enn-Rosswen
Kaname and Ichijo by Shiloh-Serenity
Miscellaneous Purebloods by TravelingGiraffe
Vampire Knight - Haruka Kuran by BlueDragonFighter
Vampire Knight - Juri Kuran by BlueDragonFighter
Senri and Rima- Vampire Knight by Enn-Rosswen
My Rima Touya and Senri Shiki by Chips05
Ruka, Aido, and Kain by PrincessHigh
Models Play by MamoruAwayuki
Vampire Hunters
Zero and Ichiru Kiryu by KiiroiKat
As One 2 by SapphireBae
The Kiryu Twins by InkArtWriter
{ neverland } by kiryuus
Groups and Pairs
The Sky is crying - Kaname and Takuma by Tycara
Isaya's Wife and Child by TravelingGiraffe
Kuran by Nexeri
Twins by LightAngelFaye
Queen and king by Shiroichi-chan
Vampire Knight by BerriBunni
10. With Animal Ears by kiryuus
I.... by LightAngelFaye

Mature Content

{ kisses } by kiryuus
Yuuki Draw Again Meme by kagamikun
Zero Draw Again Meme by kagamikun
Vampire Knight Meme by Sprucie
Samurai Vampire - P9 by KiraJansSheinux
How we grew chapter two pg. 8 by Annasanvk
{ love-o-meter, part two } by kiryuus
Vampire Knight Doujinshi/Fan Manga Preview!! by SapphireBae
Vampire Knight - Kaname Kuran - In blue 2 by Krisild
VK: Starving by singingaway
Vampire Knight - Night Class and Yuki by Sakura-Kagamine
Yuki Resting by RachsCosplays
Hand Made Items
Bloody Rose by FZEVIN
Artemis Scythe by FZEVIN
Zero's Bloody Rose by Breaking-Dawn998
Vampire Knight Mini Hat by Breaking-Dawn998
Genderbend! by Tennosei-No-Hime
{ girls } by kiryuus
Yuuki Cross/Kuran Gender Bend by DeathScarletDevil
genderbent! by kiryuus
Role Play
Skins Stamps and graphics
Vampire Knight Lamp Light (Right) by AngelicHellraiser
Vampire Knight Lamp Light (Left) by AngelicHellraiser
Free Yuuki Kuran Icon by LadyMidnightSolace
New Doll ID by Sprucie
All Things OC
Blue nightmare by SarahDarkwing
Hiroshi and Chiyo by BBRAE1994
I'm okay by BBRAE1994
Takuma Ichijo Pegasus Pony/Sweetheart Alicorn by CharizardAngel86
Vampire Knight Coloring Book
Her Reflection by Tatyanita
Ready to Protect... by regina35nocis
Yuki mermaid line art by Kyoko900
Yuuki lineart by Sayuki-hime
Weapons and Logos
Hunter seal by Aiko-Takamoha
Although are school will crumble, the symbol lasts by JayLJN7
vampire knight lilly by Fantasy561
Zero's Bloody Rose by MaskOfVirtue
The King, Queen and Knight
Vampire Knight (part 3) by AlexaHeartfilia
Vampire Knight by AlexaHeartfilia
Contest: trick or treat by Etsuko-Hime
Nap Time by Raisin-Mucchin
The Children
The New Guardians? by InkArtWriter

Monthly Stats

Group Activity

Group Info

Hello! This is a Vampire Knight role paying group! Feel free to join the role play or just watch the group for art and Fanfictions!
Founded 5 Years ago
Feb 7, 2012


Group Focus
Fan Club

467 Members
435 Watchers
37,606 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews

Hello everyone! Long time no update.

I've been meaning to address the Roleplay side of things for a while, as I really haven't had the time to roleplay, and no longer want to do so either. The Co-Founder and I have come to the decision that we are going to close the Roleplay aspect of the group, as neither of us have the time or desire to run that side of things anymore.

For those of you who still visit the forum,  I just want to assure you that we are not closing the forum or deleting anything. The forum will remain there for you to use at your own discretion, as I'm aware that many of you still communicate through the chat box, and it's always nice to be able to look back on the old roleplays =). However, we will no longer be accepting new members for the roleplay group or continuing the main roleplay.

Our reasons for doing this are not only that we no longer wish to roleplay, but due to inactivity as well. As far as I can see, the main roleplay on the forum has been fairly inactive for a year or so, and we have not had any applications for new roleplayers in almost a year.

Just to make things clear =)-
Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat We are not closing this group here on DA
Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat We are not closing the roleplay forum
Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat We are still accepting new members to the DA group
Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat We are not accepting new roleplayers
Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat You are still allowed to submit work to this group =) I will continue to monitor submissions
Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat If you are a member on the forum, you are still allowed to post the same as you were before.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask =) I'm happy to answer them!

So as of now, I'll be removing the RP information on the main page and transferring it to this journal for reference.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who was part of the roleplay, whether you're still alive on the forum and kicking, or whether you have resigned as a roleplayer. I know that I've made some good friends thank to this roleplay group, and it's also been a great way to work on my writing skills :aww:. I hope that everyone has had fun, and will continue to do so ^.^.

Roleplay Information for Reference Only

:bulletblack: Characters who are dead in the manga will be revived if it makes sense to do so, though some may not be able to be revived for certain reasons (Ex. a human who died in the past can't be revived because that's impossible, so basically, if we can find a REASONABLE way to revive them or they die later on in the manga, we will revive them!) If your favourite character is dead in the manga, odds are they're a role playing option here =). Basic information on the characters can be found in the gallery folders =).

:bulletred:= Taken role
:bulletorange: = On hold/pending someone is in the application process with this characters
:bulletyellow: This character is on hold temporarily due to the plot in the RP and WILL open up when the RP has progressed to a certain point.
:bulletgreen:= Open!  
:bulletblack:=Cannot be rped due to lack of character information/unavoidable death

:bulletgreen: Yuki Cross/Kuran
:bulletgreen: Kaname Kuran
:bulletgreen: Zero Kiryu

:bulletgreen: Sayori (Yori) Wakaba
:bulletgreen: Nadeshiko Shindo
:bulletgreen: Kasumi Kayeyama (Day Class Representative)
:bulletgreen: Fūka Kisaragi
:bulletgreen: Kanae

:bulletred: Hanabusa Aido Korimizu
:bulletorange: Takuma Ichijo
:bulletgreen: Akatsuki Kain
:bulletred: Senri Shiki Seraphim210
:bulletgreen: Ruka Souen
:bulletred: Rima Toya setsuheel
:bulletgreen: Seiren
:bulletred:  Maria Kurenai AngelicSpades

:bulletblack: Momoyama
:bulletred: Kaien Cross -Mistress Escalade-(previously)AKA Linkybear
:bulletgreen: Ichiru Kiryu
:bulletred: Toga Yagari  firenight617
:bulletgreen: Kaito Takamiya
:bulletgreen: Hunter Society President
:bulletgreen: Jinmu
:bulletblack: Mother Kiryu
:bulletblack: Father Kiryu

:bulletred: Shizuka Hio Manga-Dreamer
:bulletgreen: Rido Kuran
:bulletgreen: Haruka Kuran
:bulletred:  Juri Kuran Ashurii-Adokoku
:bulletgreen: Sara Shirabuki (Gonna request that you have read up to her last appearance in the manga)
:bulletyellow: Hooded Woman
:bulletgreen: Isaya Shoto
:bulletgreen: Toma-sama
:bulletgreen: Ouri-sama
:bulletgreen: Hanadagi-sama

:bulletgreen: Asato Ichijo (Ichio)
:bulletgreen: Nagamichi Aido (Aido-Dono/Hanabusa's father)
:bulletgreen: Tsukiko Aido (One of Hanabusa's sisters)
:bulletgreen: Mother of Senri  
:bulletyellow: Senator Shiki

:bulletyellow: Male Child
:bulletyellow: Female Child

Any characters with the :bulletyellow: icon beside it at this point is because I'm uncertain if we will decide to either-
-Revive them from death ;P
-If enough is known about the character for someone to rp as them =P. Please bear with us while we set up the group! Please leave a message either here or on :iconle-vampire-cat:'s page if you're interested in role playing one of the characters! =)

Ocs Currently roleplay in the group
Obviously, no one can claim these characters, as they belong to their role player, it's just so that people are aware of the original characters in the group =).
:bulletred:= Actively Role playing
:bulletorange: = Needs to be more active
:bulletyellow: = Waiting to make an account on the forum
:bulletgreen:= Pending Application
:bulletblack:= No longer rping (Their name will remain on the list for a month after they've left, just to let other role players know they've left/been removed)

Day Class
:bulletred: Miwako Chiaki Berryzem
:bulletorange: Tomoko Tsukino edampierat

Night Class
:bulletred: Helen King HuskeyNinja
:bulletred: Serena Herasouma princess-sweetflower

We use a forum to RR now due to Chat room problems!…

Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat You don't need to have any past experience role playing, but must be willing to participate and learn =).
Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat We would like you to have an interest in Vampire Knight of course! =)
Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat We would also like you to have a decent knowledge of the character you're playing =).  Information on the characters can be found in the information section of the gallery folders =D.
Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat Upon applying for the role please tell us who you would like to be, and provide us with a short paragraph telling us briefly about your knowledge of the character's personality and feelings (so we know you have a basic knowledge of the  character =)).


Rules for Role Playing!-
As with any group we have some rules that we would like you to follow =).
Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat You can only role play one character at a time.
Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat Official Characters and OCs are open currently, however, only a limited amount of OCs will be accepted for the time being. Please look at the journal about OCs for more details.…
Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat Please try to stay in character =)-Although the role play will not follow the plot of the manga or anime precisely please try to keep in character as much as you can ^^.
Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat Be kind to other members.
Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat No spamming or trolling know the drill =P.
Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat If you are going to be absent for a week or more eg. on vacation/studying for exams/medical etc please let the group know so that we don't just assume you've disappeared :XD:.
Tiny Cross Academy logo by Le-Vampire-Cat Please be active =) if you are inactive for over a month *without explanation* it is likely you will be asked to leave.


Just to clarify, we are NOT accepting new roleplayers, despite what the list of open characters says, this is JUST for reference =).
More Journal Entries










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ILOVE40Anime Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you for the acception! *bows*
Morimei Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the request! ^~^
Le-Vampire-Cat Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're very welcome :aww:
kingblondy Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2015  Student Digital Artist
wow this place has not gotten many comments in a while.
well any ways.
anybody what to role play?
zeki is the cannon ship.
i will be an OC.
i guess thats what you call him.
i need somebody to be zero.
but you can be your OC if you want.
BBRAE1994 Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Student Artist
Hi there Everyone. I have been looking everywhere for someone to rp Vampire Knight with me. I prefer to do it through notes on here. I really wanna rp with my OC's but they are second generation and no one wants to do that. However, I will also do any canonxcanon pairings. I mainly play Yuki in those type though. Note me if you're interested. 
OriginallyEternal Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, could I RP as Akatsuki Kain? Although I am only on volume 7 of VK at the moment I do know about his personality but not his background. That okay? I wrote this up just in case! 

    Akatsuki is more or less a laid back person. Being the cousion of Aidou(?)/Idol-Senpai he tends to have to look out for him. As seen in episode 1 of VK, Akatsuki isn't one to attack someone without a reason. However if he is attacked or someone else in his dorm are being messed with then he will take action. It is known that Akatsuki 'Likes' Ruka but is somewhat to shy to ask. (For my RP pleasure I usually perfer YAOI parings but I don't mind XD) 

if you need more then I'll be happy to say more! Hope I can be of use to the group! 

PS. I am currently making an OC for VK, if I RP as Akatsuki can I still post images of Her/Him (Haven't thought of their gender/personality/Name/ect. yet.)
NecoNecoNeco Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! I apologize for getting back to you so late! I'm afraid that I've been busy (As well as having keyboard issues, thus making me spend less time online)

If you want the postiton, you can have it since you seem to know the character well enough! (And yeah, Akatsuki does canonically like Ruka xD As long as you don't make him terribly out of character, you don't have to do any romantic rps with him that you don't want to!)

Also, I'd like to apologize since a good majority of our rpers are on hiatus...myself included. The forums have been a but quiet lately, but if you'd like to help get people back into the rping spirit, then go for it ^^

If you have any questions/concerns let me know!

Of course you can! The position of Akatsuki would be for the rping side of the group only! You can draw your OC and submit to the group if you want! VK art is always welcome!
Tessa95 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can I roleplay as Ruka? I wrote the paragraph.

Ruka attends Cross Academy and is in the Night Class. She is very protective over Kaname and gets jealous easily. She always seems like she never cares about anyone’s conversations. Ruka came to the Academy to be with Kaname. She even asked Kaname to drink her blood to stop him from drinking Yuki's which he accepted. He has refused it since, which deeply hurt her. Atkatsuki has feelings for her as well (in the manga it finally shows) and then she accepts that and shows mutual feelings as well. She later lets go of her feelings for Kaname and even becomes “friends” with Yuki.

Thank you!

NecoNecoNeco Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! You're ahead of the game :D

We'd love to have a Ruka and everything seems nice in order :) *thumbs up* Thank you!!

Would you like help signing up on the forum? :)
Tessa95 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What exactly is that?
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